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Healthy cannabis plants thriving in a sunlit greenhouse at Glass Meadows, showcasing our quality cannabis processing and 'Growing Good Times' philosophy.
Final Glass Meadows Logo_Green and Orange.png

Welcome to Glass Meadows, your premier destination for high-quality cannabis products in New Jersey. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we strive to provide consistent premium cannabis products tailored for your convenience. Discover the best of cannabis at Glass Meadows, where quality meets innovation.

Expansive greenhouse at Glass Meadows filled with lush, sun-grown cannabis plants, exemplifying our dedication to flavor-rich THC products.

We take pride in growing sungrown plants, rich in flavor and THC.


We turn our sungrown herb into convenient ready-to-use products that you can rely on. 

Close-up of a golden cannabis oil droplet, representing the pure, convenient cannabis products processed at Glass Meadows.
Close-up of a frosty cannabis flower at Glass Meadows, showcasing the intricate quality and customer satisfaction in our cannabis processing.


We craft products with passion, aiming for your utmost satisfaction. Consistency in excellence is our commitment to you.

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